Top 10 Aftermarket Wheels

If you are looking for some top class aftermarket wheels, look no further than here. We have come up with the top 10 suppliers of wheels and rim packages you need to personalize your car. Some of these wheels will be that finishing touch you’re looking for, some of them can improve your performance, your traction, and your style. Take a look at the ultimate aftermarket wheels and check out the rest of their range. 

  1. Vossen Wheels

A great product range from a company set up in the 80’s. Sporty in attire and with an overall beautiful finish on all models, these wheels complete the look of any car. They come with a five-year workmanship warranty and structural warranty for life. The wheels’ diameters range from 19’’ to 22’’ and they can be 8,5 – 12,5 inches wide. Choose from a huge range of colors including scarlet red, dark smoke, gloss black, satin gold, and so many more!  Based in Miami, Florida, they have a toll free number you can contact them on: 1-888-463-7778. Check out their full range and you will not be disappointed.










  1. Rota Grid 

Cast in high quality alloy, Rota Wheels come in a great variety of colors, so that, no matter how picky you are, there are so many great options to choose from. Rota Grid Wheels are great when searching for something more mainstream or something flashy like a bright color. It has good break clearances and wide spokes which account for a timeless design and a clean look. The wheels are available in a diameter range between 15’’ and 19’’. They are designed for street performance and track racing. The company is based out of the Philippines but they have distributors all over the world. They are based in Hayward, California in the US and you can contact them by email: [email protected] or by phone (this is not a toll free number) 510-786-1726.










  1. Weds Wheels

A Japanese design for car club racing, Weds Wheels is the choice of anyone who knows a thing or two about wheels. The company was founded in 1965 and it has been providing high quality products with multiple fitment options. The WedsSport SA-72R model has caught our eye as it is one very stylish add-on to any high end car. Its design is a reinforced 7-spoke mesh, good for diameters between 15’’ and 18’’. The wheel comes in 4 different finishes and is suitable for most sport coupes and sedans. The wheels come from Japan though there are several distributors across the US. The phone numbers for each re-seller is available on their official site.








  1. HRE Performance 

The people at HRE thought about the owners of cars made in the 80’s and 90’s and created their vintage series to accommodate them. This is the company that understood the value of a great car and that even older cars can get an image update with wheels that make them look amazing. The HRE 505M Vintage series is such a model. It is available in a diameter range from 17’’ to 22’’ and in a large number of finishes including brushed red, frozen iLectric blue, and custom colors. Take a look at the rest of HRE Wheels’ range and you won’t be disappointed! Though they don’t have a distributor in the US, their products are available from Canada!









  1. Forgeline Wheels

Serious about getting a nice set of wheels? Then consider the Forgeline company offer, which includes custom-made lightweight products. This is the more expensive option, the producer being among the one chosen for some of the most expensive and high powered cars in the world, like the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003 supercar. The Forgeline GA3 are a common recommendation, an item with heat treated rim-shells, available with a stepped-lip and reverse deep lip design, at diameters between 17’’ and 20’’. There are incredible finishing options including any color on the rainbow and more! Forgeline are based in Dayton, Ohio. You can contact them on 1-800-886-0093. 









  1. Carbon Revolution Wheels

How to best characterize these wheels? One-piece carbon-fiber wheels, made using aerospace technology to enhance performance. More than an improvement on the aspect of your car, this is a bolt-on solution which helps increase acceleration. Lighter wheels mean less effort put on breaking and quicker absorbed shock, meaning better handling and a safer driving experience. This set of Carbon Revolution CR9s on this amazing looking BMW model are just incredible. See how well it completes the car’s look and you just know it makes it go run even better. With dealerships across the world, the US distributor is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call from the US or Canada on 888-905-8825.









  1. OZ Racing Wheels

The O.Z Company is something like the “League of Incredible Gentlemen” but for wheels. They have entered a partnership with a Swiss-Italian designer; they work closely with the European Institute of Design and with the Tokyo Communication Arts, to create the products we told you at the beginning of the article that had got us very excited. If style is what you are looking for, this model delivers in all forms, sizes and finishes. The Ultraleggera range are made in Italy with the same care for design as was put into technology and performance. The Ultraleggera HLT pictured below come in 9 different colors and come in 19 or 20″ sizing. The main US distributor is based in Indiana and they can be contacted on +001-574-287-2316 (but remember that this is not a toll free number).

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  1. BBS Wheels

The classical, polished look is epitomized by BBS Wheels. They sell high performance products and this performance is guaranteed by the flow forming process used to make the wheels. This translates into the continuous rotational motion of 3 hydraulic rollers, under high pressure and high temperature. There are so many options with impeccable design, as this German producer excels in rims. The XA pictured below is finished in black with diamond-cut face and a protective top coat. Available in 18″ – 20″.  You can contact BBS on +1 (877)-832-8209. They are based in Braselton, Georgia.

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  1. Enkei Wheels

Another highly respected Japanese brand which is calling the shots on the wheel producers’ market is Enkei. Their products cover all categories, from racing to luxury, trucks and sports wheels. Due to their resistance, this is usually the choice of the owners of Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evo cars, owners of cars used mainly for commuting and sports cars. They deliver top-of-the-line alloy cast products. One great model of the Enkei producer is the Enkei92. It comes in a diameters of 15’’, in black, silver, or gold with Machined Lipl. These are classic wheels. Their US headquarters are based in Roanoke, Texas and their number is 1-817-490-5600.

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  1. Volk Wheels

The top selection, the one saved for last is the Volk option. This is another Japanese producer and a product intended for racing but which has made its way down to the streets. They are the suppliers of race teams such as Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Honda. Their best promise is that of the lightest products that still deliver on high performance and strength. The classical six spoke design complements any car. The Volk Racing TE37 RT pictured comes in red, white, or blue and they come in 18″ diameter. Mackin Industries, Inc. are the official dealer in the US and are based in Santa Fe Springs, California. Their phone number is 562-946-6820 (though this is not a toll free number).

Posted on June 14, 2016