2019 Lincoln Aviator

2019 Lincoln Aviator


Lincoln is revitalizing the Aviator series to create a new competitor in the luxury SUV market. The original Aviator was in production from 2003-2005, but Lincoln surprised many at the 2018 New York Auto Show with the announcement of a new and improved version for the 2019 lineup. The new Aviator is a technology-rich 3-row seating powerhouse of performance and luxury that is sure to drop jaws and shake markets.

Exterior Features

This stylish crossover dances the line between forceful boxiness and delicate curvaceousness. The roof-line is chiselled beautifully with a subtle downwards slope towards the rear that alludes to and accentuates the vehicle’s rear-wheel-drive platform. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator rocks a sleek mesh grille that is reminiscent of its cousin the 2019 Lincoln MKC. Many of the design choices seem to be grounded in aeronautical concepts. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator’s exterior design proves that luxury and performance can fuse together perfectly.

2019 Lincoln Aviator

Source: lincoln.com

Interior Features

The Aviator maintains the luxuriously high standards that we have come to expect from Lincoln. The inside evokes a sensation of loftiness with the open cabin design. Horizontal lines decorate the side panels to create an illusion of wideness in an already spacious interior. The front row is split in two by the large armrest and stylish center console that flaunts the massive infotainment screen. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator also has 30-way power front seats and wireless phone charging in the cabin. With the spaciousness, rich materials, subtle textures, and color choices, passengers may feel as though they have entered a luxury cruise ship.


Ford places a major focus on safety, which can be seen in the 2019 Lincoln Aviator. The vehicle comes standard with the Co-Pilot360 safety suite that includes: automatic emergency breaking, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, cross-traffic alert, rear-view camera, automatic high beams, and an optional lane-keep assist. The exciting new addition of ¨Suspension Preview Technology¨ utilizes the forward-facing camera to scan for bumps and potholes in the road ahead and automatically compensate to create a smoother and safer ride.


Lincoln seems to place more value on comfort and convenience features each year. Many are excited to ditch the key-chain and utilize the phone-as-a-key capability of the Aviator. Drivers will be able to unlock and start the vehicle directly from their smartphones. Another exciting feature is the latest SYNC system designed to alert the driver of important info with ¨considerate prompts¨. For example, if the gas is running low, the center touchscreen notifies the driver and automatically directs them to the nearest gas station. More Lincoln tech goodies include the aforementioned wireless phone charging, the onboard Wi-Fi, and the high definition ¨orchestral audio¨ system.

2019 Lincoln Aviator

Source: lincoln.com


The Rear-Wheel Drive of the Aviator along with its solid and balanced chassis should allow for some tight handling. Lincoln also offers an All-Wheel Drive version for more rugged all-terrain capabilities. The transmission information hasn’t been released yet but we can presume it will sport Ford’s 10-speed automatic. The plug-in hybrid technology is a great feature for bringing down fuel expenditure, helping the environment, and really just making things a bit more convenient.

Lincoln made the bold statement that the 2019 Aviator will be ¨mightier than many supercars on the road today¨. The horsepower numbers are unavailable at this point and thus we are confined to whispers and speculation. It is unknown if Lincoln will run with the 3.5-liter engine from the Ford Explorer or if they have something new up their sleeve. Working with the information we have, namely the twin-turbo engine, the performance-oriented design and features, and the Aviator’s competition on the market today, we can be certain that it will pack a serious punch.

The actual release date of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator has not yet been established, but we can hope to see it on showroom floors before the end of 2018. This luxury crossover is a welcome addition to the Lincoln lineup. The exceptional design expertly combines luxury, style, performance, and safety. Again, Lincoln offers us their refreshing interpretation of what a luxury SUV should look like. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Aviator.

Featured Image: lincoln.com

Posted on June 7, 2018


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