2016 Tesla Model X

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The Tesla Model X is worth the price tag; there is enough space for your whole family, it saves you a tonne of money, and it looks pretty cool! This super fast, powerful SUV is surprisingly economic when it comes to fuel, and it is one of the best SUVs on the market. There are 3 different models; the 75D (basic), the 90D, and the 95D, all of differing capabilities, but regardless of which one you choose, you’re getting a hybrid car with the feel, look, and power of a high end SUV. 

Exterior Features

Falcon wings. These are the ultimate design feature on the Model X. They allow easier access to the 2nd and 3rd row seats than traditional sliding or SUV doors. There is only a foot of clearance on either side and enough head space for parents to buckle their kids in without stooping. Tesla consider their Model X to be the ‘most aerodynamic SUV in production’. With 20% less drag than the next best competitor, the range of the car is 257 miles. The windscreen is one of the largest of any car on the market and creates a futuristic, obstruction-free view of the road. 

Interior Features/ Technology

With 3 rows, and comfortable space for up to 7 passengers, the Model X is a perfect family car. The seating is designed to optimize comfort, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or the back row. Fold the rear seats and even push the 2nd row seats forward to create a huge amount of cargo space. The seating comes in 3 different color options – ultra white, tan, or black leather. 

Model X comes ready to go with maps and navigation with real time traffic info, GPS enabled Homelink, a center console with a quick connection phone dock, and free long-distance travel with Tesla’s continuously growing Supercharger network.

Engine/ Fuel Efficiency

The 75D is the basic version of the Model X and can reach a top speed of 130mph, accelerates to 60mph in 6 seconds and has an EPA range of 237 miles. 

The 95D is the top model in the range and is pretty spectacular. A top speed of 155 mph is matched with a 3.8 second acceleration to 60mph, and the Tesla model X can reach a 250 mile EPA range.

In terms of charge, the 90D takes 8.14 mins to reach its top range. And that’s on a typical wall connector. When you charge with a 120kW Tesla Supercharger it takes 1.05 mins. The saving on gas is something any family would be interested in – for the 8 minute charge, there is an average saving of $24.87. 


The Tesla Model X comes equipped with side collision avoidance, and automatic emergency breaking systems – even at highway speeds. There are parking sensors, blind spot warning, full LED headlamps, and up to 4 LATCH child seat attachments. 

Featured Image: caranddriver.com

Posted on July 25, 2016


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