2016 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer, Ford, SUV, American Cars, Family SUV, Family Cars, 3 Row Vehicles
What’s New?

For 2016, the Ford Explorer gets a variety of updates and changes. These include minor interior revisions, refreshed exterior styling, revised suspension tuning, updated safety features, and the modern top-end trim level (the Platinum). There is also a fresh engine choice, a 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder which substitutes the earlier, less-powerful 2.0-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder. The old 4-cylinder could not be paired with all-wheel drive, but the 2.3 can.

Exterior Features

Forward of the Explorer’s windshield, the SUV is now redesigned and highly aerodynamic, the several automaker says. Active grille shutters assist in enhancing fuel economy, and modern standard LED headlights flank the standard grille. Also standard now are the LED taillights but the hands-free tailgate is optional. While your arms are full of shopping bags or packages, just wave the foot under the tailgate and the rear bumper powers up automatically.

2016 Ford Explorer, Ford, SUV, American Cars, Family Cars, Family SUVs, 3 Row Vehicles

Source: edmunds.com

Interior Features

Ford confirms that 2016 Explorer is quieter inside than the last model and that sources of vibration, noise, and harshness have been reduced. The MyFord Touch infotainment system stays, but the climate and stereo controls under it now boast traditional knobs and buttons instead of the earlier touch-panel treatment.


On this front, Ford makes many enhancements to the 2016 Explorer. Decent-charging USB ports are readily available to rear and front passengers, and Ford provides a latest 500-watt premium sound system with Clear Phase and Live Acoustics technologies too. A modern Enhanced Active Park Assist system complements perpendicular park-assist and also other park-out assist capabilities too. Building upon the existing ability of the system to steer the Explorer into the parallel parking space as the driver operates the transmission and the foot pedals.

Engine/ Fuel Efficiency

Engine: 3.5 V6, 2.3 turbocharged 4-cylinder, or 3.5 twin-turbo V6. EPA fuel economy: 22-28 MPG Highway, 16-19 MPG city.

2016 Ford Explorer, Ford, SUV, American Cars, Family Cars, Family SUVs, 3 Row Vehicles

Source: edmunds.com


Now available with features ranging from optional inflatable blind-spot, rear seatbelts and also lane-keeping assist systems. There is also Sync Bluetooth connectivity with 911 Assist and standard MyKey programmable features. The 2016 Explorer also offers access to other new safety technologies.

Featured Image: edmunds.com


Posted on July 22, 2016


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