2016 Buick Encore

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What’s New?

The 2016 Encore is maneuverable and well-finished, with a fuel economy that is impressive and at an enticing price. The vehicle’s whisper-quiet interior makes the drive of the car great; there’s “active” noise cancellation system which negates road noise effectively. The car has a lightweight body that enhances its powertrain performance.

Exterior Design

Since its inception Buick has had its classic waterfall grille and painted body panels, the 2016 Buirk Encore puts a contemporary spin to all these elements, thus creating a package that skews towards a more progressive and youthful mindset. The vehicle’s tasteful collection of bright accents and the highly sculpted bodywork are all set off by LED infused headlights and prominent blue accented projector beam headlights. The 18″ wheel fitment and the brushed aluminum faux rear and front skid plates give the vehicle a more aggressive flair too.

2016-buick-encore-mov-exterior-16BUER00134-938x528-02 (Copy), Buick Encore, 2016 Buick Encore, Buick, American Cars, SUVs Under $25000, SUVs

Source: Buick

Interior Design and Technology

Available in 5 trim levels, Base, Sport touring, Convenience, Premium and Leather, the 2016 Buick Encore comes with air conditioning, simulated leather and cloth upholstery. There is a tilt and telescoping steering wheel too; all of these features are offered as standard. Other features available in the base model include OnStar emergency communication system, rear view camera and a 6 speaker sound system. Also available is the Buick’s Intellink communication interface which features smartphone application integration and a 7″ touch screen.

Engine and Fuel Economy

The Encore Sport comes with an exceedingly powerful 1.4l turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which delivers an estimated 138 horsepower.  This engine is offered as standard. The new Sport trim boasts a beefed up powertrain with an estimated 153hp and 177lb per feet of torque. All other trim levels receive a variant which delivers an estimated 138hp and 148lb per feet of torque. The EPA fuel economy for the vehicle is estimated at 28 mpg combined i.e 25 city and 33 highway.

2016-buick-encore-mov-interior-1SL-AAX-GAN-02-938x528-02 (Copy), Buick Encore, 2016 Buick Encore, Buick, American Cars, SUVs Under $25000, SUVs

Source: Buick


Standard safety features for the vehicle include traction and stability control, antilock disc brakes, and also a rear view camera. There are also full length side curtains and front and rear side airbags. Other key safety features include the OnStar safety feature which includes a crash notification system, and also remote door locking together with stolen vehicle assistance.


Featured Image: Buick.com

Posted on July 12, 2016


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