10 Best Discount Car Insurance Companies In The US

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Car insurance is one of the most important things a person can buy. Not only does it cover you in the event of a crash or accident, it gives you peace of mind. Picking your car insurance provider therefore is an important process. But it’s time consuming. So we’ve helped you out by putting together the top 10 car insurance companies. These are rated based on customer service, cost, cover, and ease of application. Hope this helps you figure out which insurance company you should be part of!

10. State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm is the largest auto insurer in the U.S. It was established by a farmer in 1922, and for almost a century it has tried to create a sense of neighborliness in the auto-insurance business. The company has agents who explain all important details for the insurance program. This helps a client to pick the options provided. The Company also has an effective website. The customer service is great and functional 24/7, even late in the night, contacting them is not a hard thing. The Company offers great services. They will provide a great solution for any issue that may arise to one’s car as long as they are appropriately insured. They will attend to every need of a client and help in resolving any relevant conditions or worries that one may have.

Headquarters: State Farm Insurance,

One State Farm Plaza,

Bloomington, IL 61710

Call: 800-STATE-FARM




When anyone has GEICO in mind, the first thing to think about is their mascot. It is, however, also an insurance company which provides comprehensive insurance prices that are relatively low. GEICO gives a wide range of insurance services on top of the auto insurance. The agents of GEICO are great and totally personable. They are good at customer services and respond promptly to any issue raised. They provide awesome rates and service. The highly recommended company has one of the most favorable prices for the amount of coverage they offer for auto-insurance.

Headquarters: Address differs for each state.

Call: 800-861-8380

8. Progressive Insurance

Progressive has been offering the consumers with the auto insurance ever since 1937 and is popular for its comparison tool for insurance rates. The company provides many kinds of auto insurance. All a client has to do is to choose where they want their car repaired and they will do the rest. They have their branches and shops around the country and will refer a customer to the one near them. This helps one to get their car back in only week or less. They are quick and efficient in operation as they act promptly on call. They include an all-round clock customer services and are very good at getting the relevant documents to customers quickly.

Headquarters: The Progressive Corporation,

6300 Wilson Mills Rd,

Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

Call: 1-800-776-4737

7. Allstate Car Insurance

The Allstate Auto Insurance Company became a publicly held insurance company in the year 1993. It has, however been around since 1930s. The company dedicated to hiring minorities and women on top of providing the appropriate insurance services for all people. What makes Allstate great is how it always saves people a lot of money. They are always available in case any client needs someone to help them with their insurance at any time. One can always call their agent and certainly they will offer the help that one needs using the policy of the client.

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Source: yelp.com

Headquarters: Allstate Insurance Company,

P.O. Box 660636

Dallas, TX 75266

Call: 1-800-ALLSTATE

6. USAA Car Insurance

USAA provides insurance to the veterans and the current military personnel. The company has been operational since 1922 and it strives to offer military personnel and their families a coverage that meets all the special needs they have including a great auto insurance coverage. All the agents are ready to offer any kind of help as long as it is relevant to the policy. The company features a 24-hour customer services and quite favorable prices. USAA is a highly recommended Auto Insurance Company whose services make it one of the best companies for the auto insurance services provision.

Headquarters: 9800 Fredericksburg Road, 

San Antonio, TX 78288

Call: 800-531-USAA

5. Esurance

Esurance is a popular online auto insurance company which is backed by the AllState Company. It offers the consumers with the tools for claiming resolution and also the ability to sign up for change or renewal of the auto-insurance policies via the Internet.

Headquarters: Esurance,

650 Davis Street,

San Francisco, CA 94111

Call: 1800-378-7262

4. Nationwide Insurance – Auto

Nationwide Insurance came into the insurance scene first in the year 1925. Its initial funding was gotten from 9 farm bureaus, and it goes on to receive more agricultural support currently today. The company has grown from local to a national company in about 100 years. They insurance costs are manageable and this comes together with great auto insurance services. This includes a 24/7 customer services that a client only needs to make a call in case of any problem.

Car Insurance, Car Insurance Companies, Car Services, Best Car Insurance USA

Source: wikipedia.org

Headquarters: Nationwide Headquarters

One Natiowide Plaza,

Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220

Call: 1-800-882-2822

3. AAA Car Insurance

The Automobile Club Association Company (AAA) is among the best auto insurance providers in the United States. It provides a roadside assistance program and a wide range of insurance programs and policies for the drivers as well as vehicle owners. They have quality and amazing services in terms of response time, professionalism and courteousness. The specialists of the company are ready to help the clients understand all the important aspects of the company. They will take their time to explain everything and make appropriate suggestions.

Headquarters: Address differs for each state.

Call: 1-888-883-8417

2. Liberty Mutual – Auto

Liberty Mutual is among the oldest auto insurers in the U.S. currently. It is the 3rd biggest publicly held insurance company in the U.S. They provide a variety of insurance packages that are comprehensive and these including the auto and the homeowners insurance. There specialists are personal and their prices are competitively priced. They are also quick to action on contact. Clients need to stay on top of their policy or they will have the renewal prices raised due to lack of observance on deadlines.

Headquarters: Liberty Mutual Insurance,

175 Berkeley Street, 

Boston, MA 02116

Call: 1-800-837-5254

1. AARP/Hartford Car Insurance

The Hartford has provided auto insurance for over 200 years and it was among the first companies to give auto insurance cover. They provide special insurance packages to help seniors who are still able to drive and have remained independent at all times. They also allow for alteration of one’s policy. The literally pay their bills in which has made them highly rated at 5 starts due to convenience alone. Hartford also has Competitive rates and great service on claims.

Headquarters: The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.,

One Hartford Plaza,

Hartford, CT 06155

Call: 1-800-684-2032

Posted on March 10, 2017