What You Should Know Before Getting a Car Title Loan

Car title loans are loans that that require you to put up your car as collateral. Generally, these car title loans are for individuals who cannot resource to any other financial loans due to a bad credit history. If you are in such a situation, make sure you do your diligent research before making a choice. Here are some car title loan tips before selecting a car title loan plan.

1. Consider getting a cosigner

If your credit situation is really bad, and you cannot even dream of getting a loan from the bank, credit union, or reputable lenders, you should consider getting a cosigner. A cosigner with a good credit history could change everything and enable you to qualify for the best auto title loans in the industry, and even help you get different types of loans from other categories. However, when a person decides to be your cosigner, he or she will also become responsible for your auto loan repayment. So you should discuss this with your cosigner to keep him or her informed of the decision. Nowadays, you could apply and get approved for a car title loan entirely online, but you should try contacting the prospective agent on the phone to get to know them better. Since you will be dealing with them on a regular basis in the future, you should make sure they are pleasant and professional to deal with.

2. Do some research

Your friends and family could be a good source of referrals. You still have to do research on your own if you want to find a good car title loan lender with an attractive interest rate and favorable loan conditions. For people who have a bad credit history due to the harshness of the economy and unemployment, it is time to start exploring different options besides auto title loans. If you have any valuable assets that could be used as collateral, such as a house or property, you should consider taking other types of loans to solve your financial difficulties. For people who are shopping around for good auto title loans, it is important that they pay close attention to the details of each loan lender such as the interest rate fluctuations during the term of the loan, the fees associated with it, and how much ramification fees you will have to pay as well. The more details you have, the easier it is to make an informed choice.

3. Full-Service Title Loans

Some lenders lend money to borrowers, while other lenders are simply in the business of buying, selling, and trading loans. These traders do not have the same approach or perspective on customer satisfaction that a full-service lender has toward borrowers. Full-service lenders know that your satisfaction is in their best interest and they will work hard to ensure that the car title loan application and repayment processes go smoothly. Instead of being yet another commodity to buy and sell, look for a company that will treat you with the respect and appreciation you deserve.

4. Ask Questions

Make sure you understand the fees, rates, terms, and your obligations. You will be signing a legal contract which grants your auto title lender remedies to cure your default should you fail to meet your obligations, including repossessing your car. Don’t sign anything you’re not comfortable with signing. Don’t let the stress and anxiety of a credit crunch force you to make a poor decision. If you’re uncomfortable in the beginning, you’ll likely to be more uncomfortable during the term of the loan. The importance of asking questions is that it helps you to understand each and every aspect that is required when you get yourself a loan and make you feel at ease about your decision. This will help you to abide by the rules and regulations, thus enable you to have an easy time in paying back the loan.

5. Longevity And Experience

Advertising is one way companies try to get your business. Insensitive lenders treat borrowers more like numbers rather than individuals, families, and people in need. Instead of taking advantage of difficult times, experienced firms use their experience to make the loan process go smoothly and efficiently. Inexperienced companies often do not have the longevity to have learned how to handle things as well as more experienced firms. When comparing online car title loan companies, take into account how long each firm has been in business and how much experience they have in the lending industry. New and exciting isn’t always in your best interest.

Featured Image Source: thinkstockphotos.ca

Posted on September 14, 2016