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10 Most Affordable SUVs For 2016

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While the SUVs are undoubtedly superior during the winter months in treacherous and slippery conditions, they are also becoming more popular for use all-year round. In addition, you can also the 2-wheel drive versions of certain SUV models.

Source: Infiniti.com, 2016 Infiniti Qx50, Fuel Effiecient SUVs, 20 Best Hatchback Cars, Japanese Cars

Source: Infiniti.com

The SUV’s elevated driving position has become more appealing to people who need an extra space as well as the feeling of safety and solidity in a family car. The days of large SUVs that used to consume a lot of fuel are gone and there’s a wide range of designs and styles that are available; some SUV designs are cheap and practical while others are trendy with the coupe-like bodies.

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Featured Image: Autoweek.com

We know very well that the process of searching for the ideal SUV can turn out to be a hard task. Not only are there several models for you to choose from but most of today’s SUVs are relatively expensive. As a result, we have narrowed your search using our latest list that includes your favorite SUVs that will not break the bank. Here are the 10 most affordable SUVs.