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7. Ford Fiesta ST

7. Ford Fiesta ST

With a horsepower of 197, the Ford Fiesta joins the Miata among the best cars worldwide! Priced at only $20,970, Ford seems to be giving this model away! The model is powered by a turbocharged 1.6 liter, Eco Boost inline-4. The car’s transmission is exclusively routed via a 6-speed manual. However, the party piece is the ST’s unique sport suspension which makes the ST a major-league corner-carver. With so many available tech innovations in the Fiesta ST, the 2016 sports model is amazing value for an amazing car!

26 City/ 33 Highway MPG/ 197 HP/ Starting Price: $20,970

Source: Ford.com, 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, Hatchback Cars, Fuel Efficient, American Cars

Source: Ford.com

Source: Ford.com, 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, Hatchback Cars, Fuel Efficient, American Cars

Source: Ford.com



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