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    2017 Mitsubishi Lancer

    What’s New? For 2017, the Mitsubishi has discontinued the GT trim level of Lancer. Many of the GT’s sport-themed features migrate to SE trim level, though. Now, all Lancers get a rearview camera and the formerly optional 6.1″ center screen as standard. Exterior Features Subtle changes are all the 2017...
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    2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

    What’s New? The newest Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR model loses the Recaro seats. All the trim models come with heated side mirrors and new front cup holders. Exterior Design The Mitsubishi Lancer sports 18″ alloy wheels, heated side mirrors and fog lights. The MR trim level comes with upgraded...
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    2016 Mitsubishi i-Miev

    What’s New? The 2016 Mitsubishi I-MIEV offers no new features this year other than an optional navigation system. The low price point is sure to grab attention for anyone looking to purchase a brand new electronic vehicle! The vehicle also features a 3 quick charging port and a climate control system....