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    2016 MINI Countryman

    About While you may not expect an SUV (or an affordable SUV at that) to come from MINI, the 2016 MINI Countryman will blow your expectations out of the water! It’s compact and nimble, so great for city driving, while it is simultaneously well able for more rugged roads...
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    2016 MINI Cooper Convertible

    What’s New? The 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible is ready for its mid-cycle refreshment and you will really want to check it out. This convertible car has a brand new exterior with a muscular and powerful physique. As with any other MINI Cooper, the 2016 model will have several unique strengths such as...
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    2016 MINI Clubman

    What’s New? The 2016 model has been redesigned fully to a larger 4 door model. It is longer and wider than the Countryman or Hardtop 4-Door models from MINI’s 2016 range – it offers real utility and up to 48 cu ft of cargo space, a lot more than...