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2016 Toyota Prius V Wagon

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What’s New?

The 2016 Toyota Prius V, which hails from Japan, has been enhanced and rather than redesigned. The Japanese car giants have continuously been recognized for their exclusive design that has effectively transpired into the station wagon concept. Unlike most new models which come with new features, the 2016 Toyota Prius V is almost a direct carryover from the 2015 Prius V model.

Exterior Design

As a 5 seater compact hybrid, the Toyota 5 Prius is available in 4 trim levels; 2, 3, 4 and 5. The Base model comes with 16″ alloy wheels as standard together with heating mirrors. Like all the previous model, the 2016 model is characterized by a long roofline and a rather cut off rear which contributes to the vehicle generous cargo space. The front fascia features LED headlights together with a huge signature Toyota Grille.

Source: edmunds.com

Source: edmunds.com

Interior Design and Technology

Cloth Upholstery is available as standard together with leather upholstery as optional, and power adjustable driver’s seat and heated front seats. With the rear seats folded, it offers 67 cubic feet of cargo space. Other key features include automatic climate control, push button start, 6.1 inch touch screen, USB ports and Bluetooth. Optional features include JBL audio systems, forward collision control, adaptive cruise control, panoramic roof and lane departure warning.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency

The 2016 Prius V model is powered by a 1.8l, 4 cylinder engine which comes with a battery pack and two electric motors. The combined output power is 134 horsepower. EPA rates this vehicle at 42 mpg combined i.e. 44 city and 40 highway. Its acceleration is lower than most like (0-60 in 10.3 seconds) but this is definitely worth the sacrifice when it comes to what you will save on fuel consumption.

Toyota, Toyota wagons, 2016 Toyota Prius V, Japanese Cars

Source : edmunds.com


Antilock disc brakes, front side airbags, stability and traction control, side curtain air bags and rear view cameras are available as standard. The Advanced Technology Package features numerous safety features like the pre collision safety system and Toyota’s Safety control telematics systems which are available as standard.


Featured Image: edmunds.com



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