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2017 Chevrolet Equinox

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There haven’t been many changes to the 2017 Chevrolet Equinox, the 2016 model saw improvements in safety, and exterior design so there wasn’t much to be done to this year’s model.

Exterior Features

It’s a little more stylish than the 2016 model, and you can choose between LS, L, LTZ or LT finishes. If you opt for the V6-option, then you will get stylish twin chromed exhaust pipes. On the LS and L models the double-port grille is flanked by frame-rate-explicit headlights, whereas on the LT and LTZ, these have been replaced by LEDs. The wheels are a standard 17” alloys on all other models but the LTZ, which comes 18” alloys. The Equinox is a little more chunky than most of Chevvy’s crossovers and SUVs but is more distinct in that it could pass as a car a lot easier than an SUV.

Interior Features

The main interior feature that is noticeable in the new 2017 model is the abundance of space in the cabin. There is plenty more legroom as well as headroom, making it much more spacious than its predecessor. The seating comes in different variations of the cloth trim option for the LS, L and LT models, whereas it changes to a variation of three different available colors of perforated leather seats for the premier model.


The dashboard on the new Equinox comes with a myriad of features, including a dual-zone air conditioning system, cruise control and also a navigation system. In terms of technology there is a 7” touch-screen dominating the dashboard, which is integrated with aMyLink infotainment system too. To this infotainment system Chevrolet have linked 8 Dolby speakers. As standard you’ll have multiple ways of connecting to the car through, 4G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and also USB.

Engine/ Fuel Efficiency

The engine comes in two different variations, a standard 2.4L 4-cylinder engine, producing 182 hp. The juiced-up version is the 3.6L V6 with 301 hp, but this one is only available for the LT and LTZ trims with AWD. The standard acceleration 0-60 mph in the 2.4L models is just under 9 seconds. The standard engine’s EPA rating stands at 22/ city, 32/ highway and 26 MPG combined. Pretty standard for its class.


In terms of safety, some of the newest technologies to detect, prevent and protect the passengers and driver from accident have been introduced in the Equinox. It features a forward collision alert system, rear vision cameras and also parking assist. There’s lane departure warning, blind spot alert and a rear cross traffic alert too. It also features 6 air bags including side-impact ones.

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