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2016 Buick Regal

What’s New?

The eAssist mild hybrid powertrain is dropped and in its place a brand new2.4l engine is selected. Other changes to the 2016 model include the new Sport Appearance package and a freshly revised trim level. The GS trim of the newest Regal is by far the most poised and sporty in the range. Buick’s main aim is always comfort and the Regal stays true to this in every sense.

Exterior Design

The base 1SV Regal has been engineered with 18 inch alloy wheels, fog lights, automatic and heated power mirrors. The Premium II models features a rear parking sensors, xenon headlights and a 110 volt power outlet while the GS comes with 19 inch wheels and unique rear and front fascia. With a sleek, sporty exterior the Regal comes available with high-intensity-discharge xenon headlamps, and also a power controlled sunroof.

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Source: autoweek

Interior Design and Technology

The 2016 model comes with minimal button clutter and a sleek dashboard. The quality of the material used is satisfactory while the overall appearance of the vehicle is upscale. The IntelliLink Infotainment system is powered by a standard 8 inch touchscreen. Apart from the 8 inch infotainment system, the vehicle also comes with an Android Integration system, Apple Car Play and Pandora radio compatibility. Sturdy, supportive, leather seats are the mainstay in the Buick Regal’s interior. In addition to the sport steering wheel, the bucket seats give you the impression that you’re actually in a race car.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency

A 2.4l 4 cylinder engine which is capable of delivering an estimated, 259 horsepower and 172 pound per feet of torque is offered as standard. Despite having a powerful engine, the EPA fuel economy is estimated at an impressive 23 mpg combined i.e. 19 city and 31 highway.

Source: Hgmsites, 2016 Buick Regal, 2016 Best Cars, American Cars, Midsize Cars, Buick, 2016 Midsize Cars

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The exterior design along with the rear cross traffic alert technology, the lane departure technology, and forward collision alert, among many other safety features allows you to get a professional driving feel, in addition to all the safety you can imagine. Stability control, antilock disc brakes and also full length side curtain are offered as standard. The OnStar system which features an automatic crash notification, a stolen vehicle locator, an emergency button and on demand road side assistance is also offered as standard.



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