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Do you Qualify for Car Insurance Discounts?

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When a car insurance company is deciding on the price of your premium they consider the risk you might pose as a driver, among other factors. Insurance companies may base their risk assessments on statistics, and if you fall among a group that is less or more likely to have an accident, your premium cost will be affected. To avail of insurance discounts, you need to pose little to zero risk. But how do you do that? Check it out below.

Age-Based Insurance Discounts

Depending on the company in question, age may become a factor may become a part of the risk assessment process. Some companies reward drivers who are over 60, though others actually hike up their rates. There can be additional discounts for older and senior drivers with good driving records. This is what age-based premiums are. But if these statistics go against you, what else can you do to lower your premium?

Responsible Driving Discounts

If you want to qualify for discounts on your insurance premium, being a responsible driver is the key factor. Having a clean record without accidents, or any marks on your licence means that the older you get, the lower your premium becomes. If there are multiple drivers on your premium who are also careful drivers, you may be offered even more insurance discounts! You should still shop around on every renewal and find the best rewards and insurance discounts you can.

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Policy Discounts

Sometimes, the most convenient way to get insurance discounts is to take out a policy with a company you already have another policy with. If you have an insurance policy on your home, they may offer you a smaller premium if you also take out a policy on your car! Loyalty perks are another way to get discounts on your insurance; the longevity of your policy can work in your favor. Every year you renew your policy with the same company, they will generally discount you a little bit more!

Defensive Driving Classes

This last one comes back to your responsibility as a driver. Defensive driving classes are not only a great way to improve your driving skills, but your insurance company will over you discounts for proving how responsible you really are on the road. Making yourself a safer driver is a great way to get more insurance discounts!

So, these are some of the easiest ways to avail of insurance discounts. In the end, being a careful driver is at the heart of it all. Always shop around to see if you are getting the best deal for your driving skills.

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